2013 Clinics

Our 2013 Golf Clinic Schedule is now available. Please see below for all the information. We will be adding dates to the schedule as the season moves along so please check back periodically. In the days leading up to the first clinic day you will be receiving an email with further information on where to meet and any other clinic specific information.


If we need to postpone a clinic due to weather we will notify the group and set a make-up day. You will be able to also make up that class on any other clinic day in the future if you wanted. Please let me know if you need further clarification.


If you do have to miss an evening of class we will offer a 30-minute private lesson to cover the topic you missed. Please coordinate with the clinic instructor to set up that time.

Clinic Schedule

Summer Clinics have been completed.  Please check back soon or contact us with any questions about our Clinic Programs.


Clinic Curriculum

Beginner Classes

Day 1 Introduction to the game and its benefits and challenges…Introduce the set up fundamentals for the swing…Posture, Grip, and Alignment…PGA

Day 2 Begin to learn the swinging of the club starting with short swings and building from that point

Day 3 Introduction to the shortgame and learn the fundamentals of putting

Day 4 Introduce the use of longer clubs as the swing is developed

Day 5 Review of the first 4 sessions and a visit to the course. The different parts of the golf hole will be learned, typically which clubs are used in different areas, and the etiquette and basic rules to follow for having fun on the course. Social gathering after the clinic with beverages and light snacks…about 15-20 additional minutes.

Intermediate or Next Step Classes

Day 1 Review of set up fundamentals for each player and how each players shots are affected by their set up faults

Day 2 Assess the short game techniques of the players and show drills that can be used to improve their score around the green

Day 3 Back on the tee, each player will be given specific drills to enhance their ability to impact the ball more consistently.

Day 4 Continued reinforcement of each players needs. Discussion of best practice routines for continued improvement.

Day 5 Taking it to the course…we will go on the course to hit the shots we have been working on, discuss course management ideas, and discuss some basic rules. Social
gathering after the clinic with beverages and light snacks…about 15-20 additional minutes.

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