How much are lessons?
Since I work at the golf academy, we have lesson prices set. However, if you are serious about lessons and are not certain that a particular program or package will work, please let me know. I’d be happy to custom build a plan that works well for you and your schedule.

What are the benefits of getting instruction from a PGA Teaching Professional?
A qualified teaching professional can help you more than you realize. Personally, I use experience, video, training tools, drills and a flight simulator to help you get the best out of your game. It’s also important to help you build a consistent routine and reliable practice schedule.

Do you use video when you teach?
Yes. I use video in most of my lessons. If I want you to change something in your game, it only makes sense for me to show you why. However, there are times where video might not be necessary.

Is it too late for me to improve my game?
Never. You can always improve and you will get better. It will take patience, a positive attitude, practice and guidance. As a team, we will develop a plan and set goals to help you succeed.

Will my age or physical ability prohibit improvement?
I’m a very positive person, so the answer is no. If you are driven to improve, with my help you’ll get better. However, if you incorporate a work out routine into your daily golf practice, the odds are you’ll see quicker results. Staying in shape and eating healthy foods will provide your body the ability to swing and move in balance.

Do you offer home golf instruction?
Yes. I’d be happy to find a time to visit you at home and talk through your golf game. Sometimes it’s actually easier to sit down and discuss your goals and build a game plan. Also, we can do slow motion swing sequence and drills without actually hitting golf balls.