TESTIMONIAL_Nathan_US-Mid-Am_Trophy-Pic_CROPPED“Any golfer who’s serious about the game of golf and wants to continually improve needs to have an instructor they have confidence in. Greg Greksa is that kind of instructor. I was blown away by Greg’s enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the game. Greg has improved my swing with timing, tempo and plane line. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Greg and look forward to our future practice sessions together.”

2012 – U.S. Mid-Am Champion – Conway Farms Golf Club

2010 – U.S. Mid-Am Champion – Atlantic Golf Club

2009 – U.S. Mid-Am Champion – Kiawah Island Club (Cassique)

2003 – U.S. Mid-Am Champion – Wilmington Country Club (South)

Nathan Smith – 4 time U.S. Mid-Am Champion & 2013 Masters Participant


TESTIMONIAL_Garett-Heffner“Before meeting Greg, I had taken lessons from other instructors, but none of them were able to explain my golf swing to me and why it worked the way it did. He has an overwhelming knowledge of the golf swing and explains things in a way that’s very easy for me to understand. I strive to play golf at the highest level and it’s important for me to get the most out of each lesson with Greg.”

Garett Heffner – Wingate University Golf Team


TESTIMONIAL_Michael_Morris_CIMG1979_RE_testimonial-photo“I have been very happy with the instruction Greg has provided me. He is very good at communicating the game and what I needed to do to get better. He also has a very good personality, able to connect well with me quickly, and was always motivated to teach. I was extremely happy after each of my lessons. He also invited me to play with him on a few separate occasions to see my game in action and provide tips as we played.

Finally, Greg’s use of video was one of the key differentiators. He takes video of your swing from multiple angles using slow motion video to provide instant feedback. He also uploads those videos to You Tube (if you want) for future viewing. This is a key competitive advantage of his instruction. Greg’s a great golf instructor and I highly recommend him.”

Michael Morris


TESTIMONIAL_Kevin-Stanko_CIMG0488_Testimonial-Pic“Greg is, by far, the most effective golf instructor I have ever worked with. Golf is my biggest passion so I take my game very seriously. Until I started working with Greg, every previous instructor was only interested in giving me a lesson. I wanted a coach, not a lesson. I had no interest in making drastic changes to my swing since it has always been sound. I wanted an instructor that would realize what I do well and make the most of it, while strengthening my weak areas.

Once Greg got my swing on video and went over a few things, I was excited to move forward. He started by asking me what I thought was wrong with my swing, to determine how well I knew my own swing. He asked me questions and then he listened. He did not just tell me everything that was wrong. He also took an interest in what I wanted to achieve by working with him. That was far different than my previous “lessons” experiences.

Greg is always very accessible and responsive when I need a little help. I am constantly emailing him swing videos so he can monitor my progress. As a result, my game is the best it’s been in years, despite playing less. Now I have a game plan to work on when I can practice, and I know the little things that make my swing the most effective. This past year I broke Par for the first time since high school, shooting a 2 under 70 from the tips, on a championship course I had never played before. I was 4 under on the back 9 alone. I was so excited that the first person I called was Greg.

Greg is everything you want in a golf coach. He listens, he teaches, and he understands the golf swing better than anyone I know. I have learned so much from his passion and dedication for his trade. Golf is far more rewarding for me every time I play.

For these and many reasons, Golfshadow hired Greg as their Director of Instruction and Instructional Writer. We are thrilled to help golfers globally with Greg’s leadership.”

Kevin Stanko – President & CEO of Golfshadow


TESTIMONIAL_Whitney-Wright_TESTIMONIAL-photoI’ve worked with many golf instructors during my career. After my first lesson with Greg, I knew exactly what I needed to work on and how to address imperfections in my swing. Greg’s knowledge of all areas of the game and positive reinforcement is the backbone to his teaching career with professional and amateur golfers of all levels. I’m very proud to call him my swing coach.

Whitney Wright – Big Break Ireland & Symetra Tour


TESTIMONIAL_Joe-Baugh_CIMG9314_Testimonial“Greg is a great golf coach and really good person. I directly attribute all of my improvement to Greg’s instruction and advice. I’ve worked with a few PGA Pros and Greg has been the best. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone wanting to take their game to the next level.”

Joe Baugh


TESTIMONIAL_Jim-Strunk_DSC_0008_Testimonial“Greg has helped all aspects of my game from course management, to swing thoughts and to my practice routine. I have had other golf instruction and Greg by far exceeded all of my past instruction experiences. Apart from instruction, Greg is very enjoyable to be around and doesn’t let me get down about my game when I am having a slump. Thanks again Greg!”

Jim Strunk – Dawn of Health Chiropractics


TESTIMONIAL_Greg-with-Sophie_KYLIE-SNYDER“I can’t say enough about Greg’s teaching ability – especially with junior golfers. I drive an hour each way because he is truly a gifted golf instructor and my daughter loves her lessons. If you live in the Raleigh area, you are fortunate to be close to a stellar golf coach and a true professional.

Whether you want your child to try golf or improve his/her tournament skills, Greg will impress you with his natural ability to teach.”

Kylie Snyder


Chris-Cox_Top-of-Swing“Greg, you’ve helped me in so many ways. I have never swung the club this well in my life. Thanks for being there during my U.S. Open qualifier at River Landing. I really appreciate everything you do!”

Chris Cox – Greensboro College


kylewilson“Greg helped me get back from a serious foot injury and into college golf shape in no time. After a few weeks of work this summer, I qualified for the Carolinas Amateur and that was just weeks after being cleared to play golf again. My first semester back at Western Carolina, I averaged 73 with a top 10, top 15, and top 20 finish in 5 events. Greg knows how to get the best out of you, period.”

Kyle Wilson – Western Carolina Golf Team