Keep your weight
on the inside of your feet

Never underestimate the importance of proper footwork in the golf swing. Sam Snead understood it so well that he used to practice in his bare feet. Perhaps no other golfer has swung with more power while maintaining extraordinary balance. Like Sam, I’ve discovered that the foundation for a powerful swing is in the feet.

The key to proper footwork is weight distribution throughout the swing. Good golfers play within their feet. In other words, their weight is on the inside of the back foot on the back swing and on the inside of the forward foot on the through swing. The average player constantly fights the weight distribution battle, falling to the outside of one or both feet. The result is a loss of balance, control and power.

At address, I toe out my left foot a little so on the through swing I can rotate my hips with no restriction. My right foot is squarer to the ball target line to help restrict my hip turn and maintain my knee position on the back swing.

I like to keep my left foot on the ground as my body rotates away from the ball on my back swing. That helps me maximize torque. At the top, my weight is fully loaded into my right side. Keeping the weight inside my feet lets me swing as hard as I want and still stay in balance.