Hitting the Ball Straighter

Keeping your head behind the ball is a key factor in hitting the ball solid, in the air and hitting the ball straighter.

When you set up, tilt your spine to the right before you start your back swing. On the down swing, you must transfer your weight to the left side, but keep your upper body tilted to the right behind the ball. As soon as your upper body slides, moves or sways to the left side of the golf ball on the down swing, it is virtually impossible to hit behind the ball. You have lost all power and increased the width of your landing area.

Here are some drills to help increase distance and get the ball closer to your target:

• Keep your left ear on the right side of the ball.
• Stare at the backside of the ball.
• Take your address position and have a friend face you. Have him or her hold the grip side of a driver against the target side of your head, just above your left ear. For safety reasons, take a few swings in slow motion